Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things to do During Pregnancy.

So our Paediatrician has said that there are two things you can do whilst being pregnant, to help reduce your chance of having a Reflux baby.

Firstly, avoid stress.  This is very difficult when you are mum of two boys who fight a lot!  I also am a stresser from way back!  As my Mum says, "I'd worry if my bum was on fire and I'd worry if someone put it out again!"  That pretty much sums up my ability to avoid stress.  So I am guilty of failing the first requirement.

Secondly, in your third trimester avoid cocoa bean products.  Yes that means chocolate!  Eek, I love chocolate.  But I'm approaching my third trimester and I intend to cut out chocolate.  I did it fine when I was breast feeding, but you know it's pretty easy to stop doing something when it has immediate consequences, like a screaming baby:)


Unfortunately Reflux is hereditary, so the above just reduces your chances.  They say that if you have one Reflux baby you have a 70% chance of having a second, and if you have two Reflux babies you have an 80% chance of having a third.

Wish me luck with saying goodbye to one of the most delicious foods for a while!


  1. Our paediatrician told us probiotics in the 3rd trimester can help (although we are talking reflux caused by food allergies in our case)..I tried it for #2 and could be co-inky-dink but she has a much less severe case. :)

  2. Interesting - I am literally just pregnant with my 2nd, but our first had silent reflux. I will have to keep these in mind (but I am with you on the stress - I stress that I have nothing to stress about)!!!!